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    Cottage Food Business  Training



    Cottage Food Business in Texas Training (CFBTT)


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    The CFBTT Objectives


    Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

    • Understand the amended Texas Cottage Food Law (SB 572)
    • Discuss the foods either allowed or not allowed under the Texas Cottage Food Law
    • Understand how and where you can sell cottage foods under the Texas Cottage Food Law
    • Recognize labeling and packaging requirements for foods sold under the Texas Cottage Food Law
    • Understand requirements for recipes need to be approved by DSHS
    • Discuss basic food safety practices
    • Understand other aspects of a Cottage Food Business in Texas

    About the Training


    This training is designed for persons who interested in running a Cottage Food Business out of their residence in Texas and strive to get the best practice and knowledge of the industry. Through this training, individuals will gain knowledge of the Texas Cottage Food Law and general rules and practices for preparing, packaging, labeling, and selling food safely.

    SKU: 001-CFBTT20-ENG

    Price: $20.00 USD per person

    Duration: Two (2) hours, including assessment

    Language: English/Russian

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