A Comprehensive Guide to Homemade Food Business in Texas

    Food Testing Services


    Lab Testing of Your Cottage Foods


    Foods sold to consumers under the Texas Cottage Food Law must not require time or temperature control for safety (TCS).


    In most cases, you are not required to have your foods tested. Special requirements apply only to canned, pickled, and fermented foods.  But if you are not sure whether your food requires time and temperature control for safety, it is highly recommended to have that food tested.  


    You can find the list of accredited testing laboratories here

    Your food may need to be tested for:

    • pH level,
    • water activity,
    • or both, to determine if the product requires temperature control for safety.  


    Texas statute uses a chart to determine whether that food is TCS or NTCS.


    You may also use publications to see if your food needs to be tested.


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