A Comprehensive Guide to Homemade Food Business in Texas

    Food Handler Certification



    All cottage food operators are required to complete an accredited training in Food Handler’s Certification 

    It takes about an hour to get certified, training prices start from ~$8.

    There are a lot of sources for accredited food handler’s training. Training is available online or in-person. 

    Click the links below to see the list of training providers accredited by DSHS.

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    How to Get Certified:

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    Getting certified may seem overwhelming. If you’d like to be more prepared, we offer a pre-certification 2-hour recorded training covering the. basics of the Texas Cottage Food Law and its requirements as well as navigate through the maze of

    the Food Handler's certification process*

    Price: $20 USD per person

    *This training is intended only to prepare you for the official certification test. After the completion of such training, you will NOT be granted a Certificate of Food Handler. 

    According to the Texas Health and Safety Code, if you are running a homemade food business out of your home, you must successfully complete a food handler training course accredited by the American National Standards Institute or Department of State Health Services. Thus, you are compliant with the local health jurisdiction's training, testing, and permitting requirements. The law requires such certification to reduce the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks caused by improper food preparation and handling techniques. To get certified you would need to successfully complete the training. Your certificate is good for 2 years.


    *The information contained in this fact sheet is not intended as legal advice. Consult with your attorney accordingly.