A Comprehensive Guide to Homemade Food Business in Texas

    Cottage Food Business in Texas


    It's easy to run Cottage Food Business in Texas


    Before you run a Cottage Food Business, there are a few things to consider:

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    *The information contained in this fact sheet is not intended as legal advice. Consult with your attorney accordingly. 


    1. Know the rules of the cottage food business in Texas, and register for training 

    2. Check if your products are allowed by the Texas Cottage Food Law 

    3. Get your Texas Food Handler’s Certification online or in-person

    4. Make required food labels for all products you sell ​​​​

    5. Make a business plan for your business 

    6. Check with the office of the Texas Comptroller if you need to charge a sales tax

    7. Choose your business name, register as DBA with your county, and register your trademark with the USPTO

    8. Consult with your lawyer and accountant on structuring and registering your business

    9. Open a business bank account for your business in Texas

    10. Create a websitelogobranding, and business cards

    11. Don't forget to register as a member of the Texas Cottage Food Business Community 



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