A Comprehensive Guide to Homemade Food Business in Texas

    Using Alcohol in Confections


    Alcohol in Confections


    The 86th Texas Legislature (2019) eliminated the TABC permit previously known as the “Industrial Permit”. 

    In other words, no permit is needed anymore for:

    • flavoring extracts
    • syrups
    • condiments
    • food products

    This is found in Chapter 38 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.  

    Contact TABC with all questions. 

    Using "Pipettes" of Alcohol


    Despite the 86th Texas Legislature (2019) eliminated the TABC permit previously known as the “Industrial Permit”,  per TABC, using a pipette of alcohol still requires a Mixed Beverage Permit, as the alcohol is neither infused into the confection or baked in. 


    This is found in the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.  


    See examples of food with alcohol pipettes here.

    Contact your local TABC office with all questions.


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